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Targets are the longest lived of the station signs, starting their existence in the days of the Southern Railway and some lasting until after the totem era. Although they retained their basic shape throughout their lives, there were many variations. The signs were not of a standard length, but varied from 36 inches downward to some as short as 21 inches. The position and number of fixing holes also varied - they mostly had eight holes but some were produced with only six. The height of the lettering in the main body of the target always remained at 3 inches, but did vary in thickness of the characters from being very bold (pre-war) to normal. If lettering was used in the lower part of the roundel this was smaller according to the wording. 

Trackside’s reproduction targets are a must for anyone with Southern Railway / Southern Region connections. Some original targets have survived from the early days, but they are a “bit thin on the ground”, so if you need one to complete your collection for a particular area, or just to bring back childhood memories, Trackside can produce it for you

 As an alternative to our vitreous enamel finish, all signs can be supplied utilising a paint and lacquer finish on a stove enamelled base 

The colours we use represent the colours of the signs, as they would have been in original mint condition. Even on originals there were slight variations depending on which manufacturer supplied the signs  

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